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Living Your Truth...The Midlife Transition

MID-mor-ning LUNCH/ (noun)

A fictitious place in time where life is carefree, and one can hide from all responsibility.

Let's go back to the start

When we first met in the mid-90s, we were knee-deep into our 'midmorning lunches.' Married with kids. Both working in a large East Coast metropolitan city, We became fast friends. Twenty years, five kids, six jobs, two therapists and two divorces later, we jokingly coined the term 'Midmorning Lunch' as a euphemism for the state of disillusionment we found ourselves in as we wondered how we got here. The details of our stories may differ from yours, but we hope by giving you the good, the bad and the ugly, you'll find comfort (or even benefit) from what we've learned. And, importantly, you'll know you're not alone.

No 'What Ifs' Allowed

Each of us is product of our family dynamics, our environment and societal expectations. The choices we make, particularly as young adults, are a tricky combination of expectations. Most of us forge ahead living our life the way we 'think' we should. Or the way we think others think we should. By the time we hit middle age, the inevitable 'if only's or 'what ifs' start showing up and, if you're like us, you start second-guessing your decisions. Here's the thing: every one of us made the best choice for ourselves at that time. That's what our resident therapist, Meagan (you know who you are), tells us. So, let's give ourselves a collective pat on the back -- no regrets, can't change the past -- because we're still here and we have a lot of life to live!

Get Real with the Midmorning Lunch Ladies

This is where we start. Midmorning Lunch is a place to share, reflect and project the genuine happiness, sadness and madness of life as we remember our pasts together. We are real people with lots of baggage and struggles and hopes and dreams and we're a work in progress! Let's look forward to the future to create our best memories and contributions as a community of genuine women who just wanna freaking laugh at the craziness of it all!

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