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Fundamentals Of Statistics By Sc Gupta Ebook Free Download

Fundamentals of Statistics by S. C. Gupta Ebook Free Download

Fundamentals of Statistics is a popular textbook on statistics written by S. C. Gupta, a former professor of statistics at the University of Delhi. The book covers various topics in descriptive and inferential statistics, such as measures of central tendency, dispersion, correlation, regression, probability, sampling, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, and non-parametric tests. The book also includes numerous solved examples, exercises, and tables for easy reference.

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The book is suitable for students preparing for various courses and examinations in commerce, economics, management, and social sciences. The book is also useful for researchers and practitioners who need to apply statistical methods in their work.

The latest edition of the book is the seventh edition, which was published by Himalaya Publishing House in 2017. The book has been revised and enlarged to include new chapters on multivariate analysis and statistical quality control. The book also incorporates the latest developments and trends in the field of statistics.

The book is available in both print and digital formats. The print version can be purchased from online or offline bookstores. The digital version can be downloaded for free from various websites that offer free ebooks . However, downloading the ebook from unauthorized sources may violate the intellectual property rights of the author and the publisher. Therefore, it is advisable to download the ebook from legal and reliable sources only.

Fundamentals of Statistics by S. C. Gupta is a comprehensive and authoritative book on statistics that can help students and professionals to learn and apply statistical concepts and techniques in a simple and effective manner.


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