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Mafia III

Mafia III could be a very short revenge story. Lincoln Clay, the Vietnam veteran whose mobster friends are killed in the first act, could quickly make his way over to the mafia boss and take him out. But the game coming from publisher 2K Games (a Take-Two Interactive division) on October 7 is a very deep open world with some very different story threads that can lead to alternative story outcomes.

Mafia III

After returning from the Vietnam War in 1968, Lincoln's happy homecoming is cut short when the Italian mafia that controls the city guns down his de-facto family. Hell-bent on revenge, you control Lincoln as he systematically disassembles the mafia's hold on New Bordeaux, district-by-district.

Not much is known about Cassandra's past, but it's noted that she had a troubled youth, and she presumably grew up in the Caribbean or in the Delray Hollow of New Bordeaux. She would go on to have a daughter named Caroline, who was killed by the Dixie Mafia alongside her mother, leading to her to go against them. Cassandra became the leader of the Haitian mafia in the Hollow, and would put Baka as the false boss to protect her position. Due to the mystery surrounding her, Cassandra was rumored to be a vampire or zombie resurrected via voodoo magic, which is highly unlikely. Running her operations in the Hollow, her base was a voodoo shop that was originally owned by Kilmic Eugene Robbins, but it's unknown how she gained ownership of the property. By 1968, Cassandra would learn that the Black Mob leader, Sammy Robinson, would start to serve Italian mob boss Sal Marcano, which led her to attack his business.

A Winchester Model 1887 resembling the configuration from Terminator 2 is available for use in Mafia III, and a rare sight with mid game mafia goons as a sidearm shotgun. Lincoln can flip-cock the gun in a manner similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger albeit with one thumb given the smaller lever loop. It appears as the "Elmwood 1925" with a special version with the Judge, Jury & Executioner Weapon Pack, the "Exterminatore".

An AKM appears in-game as the "Pasadena AR30" and serves as the automatic weapon of choice for late game mafia goons. It's a mixture of both AKM and AK-47 parts, such as an AK-47 pistol grip, slab-side handguard and milled receiver but an AKM front sight post, gas block and ribbed receiver cover. A version painted black with tribal markings appears as the "Black Sacrament", rewarded for completing the Signs Of The Times DLC.

The M1 Carbine appears as the "Hartmann .30" and is commonly used by mafia goons in the early game. It appears without a bayonet lug, common on early civilian pattern guns such as Universal Firearms carbines. A heavily embellished version comes with the Judge, Jury and Executioner Weapon Pack, known as the "Praecisione .30". 041b061a72


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