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(1988) Death - Leprosy.rar Mega

(1988) Death - Leprosy.rar Mega: A Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner

Death was one of the pioneers of death metal, a genre that emerged in the late 1980s and combined the speed and aggression of thrash metal with the brutality and complexity of extreme metal. The band was formed by vocalist and guitarist Chuck Schuldiner, who is widely regarded as the "father of death metal" and one of the most influential musicians in metal history. Schuldiner died in 2001 from a brain tumor, leaving behind a legacy of groundbreaking albums and songs that influenced countless bands and fans.

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One of Death's most acclaimed albums is Leprosy, released in 1988. It was the band's second album and the first to feature a stable lineup, consisting of Schuldiner, guitarist Rick Rozz, bassist Terry Butler, and drummer Bill Andrews. Leprosy was a huge step forward for Death, both musically and lyrically. The album showcased Schuldiner's improved songwriting skills, as he crafted complex and catchy riffs, solos, and structures. The album also featured more diverse and mature themes, such as social issues, personal struggles, and death itself.

Leprosy is widely considered as one of the best death metal albums of all time, and a landmark in the genre's evolution. The album contains eight tracks, each one a classic in its own right. Some of the highlights are:

  • Pull the Plug: The opening track and one of Death's most popular songs. It deals with the controversial topic of euthanasia, from the perspective of a patient who wants to end his life support. The song features a memorable chorus, a catchy main riff, and a blistering solo by Schuldiner.

  • Leprosy: The title track and another fan favorite. It describes the horrors of leprosy, a disease that causes skin lesions and nerve damage. The song has a dark and heavy atmosphere, with slow and crushing riffs, haunting vocals, and a fast-paced middle section.

  • Open Casket: A song about necrophilia, or the sexual attraction to corpses. The song has a twisted and morbid tone, with graphic lyrics and a groovy riff. The song also features a guest solo by James Murphy, who would later join Death as their lead guitarist.

  • Choke on It: The closing track and one of the most aggressive songs on the album. It expresses Schuldiner's hatred towards his enemies, who he wishes to choke on their own blood. The song has a furious tempo, with thrashy riffs, rapid drumming, and venomous vocals.

Leprosy was a huge success for Death, both critically and commercially. It received positive reviews from critics, who praised its musical innovation, technical proficiency, and lyrical depth. It also sold well, reaching number 149 on the Billboard 200 chart, making it one of the best-selling death metal albums ever. Leprosy cemented Death's status as one of the leading bands in the genre, and inspired many other bands to follow their footsteps.

In 2023, Leprosy celebrated its 35th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, a collection of rare live recordings from Death's 1988 tour was released online under the title "(1988) Death - Leprosy.rar mega". The collection features 12 tracks from various shows across the U.S., including some songs from Leprosy as well as from their debut album Scream Bloody Gore. The collection is a must-have for any Death fan, as it showcases the band's raw energy and passion on stage. The collection also serves as a tribute to Chuck Schuldiner, who died at the age of 34, but whose music lives on in the hearts of millions.


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