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The O.C. - Season 1

Exactly 15 years ago, Mischa Barton's departure from the hit Fox drama "The O.C." dealt a devastating blow to fans. Her character, Marissa Cooper, was killed in the third season finale, leaving behind a superstar-sized hole in the show's storyline.

The O.C. - Season 1

"And part of it had to do with pressure from the network in terms of ratings, and what we could do for the show's fourth season. For a lot of critics, that character was a source of frustration," he added.

And so Marissa Cooper died in the season three finale. After a tumultuous season of drama, one of Marissa's ex-boyfriends drove her and Ryan's car off the side of a road. Ryan pulled Marissa from the wreckage, and she died in his arms, making history as one of the most shocking TV deaths of all time.

Netflix's second Selling Universe spinoff, Selling the OC, has arrived and introduced fans to a new cast of realtors that are even wilder than the Sunset crew. Based out of the Oppenheim Group's new Newport Beach office, the series' first season has tons of inter-office competition and interpersonal drama for those of us who are fascinated by questionable workplace dynamics and ultra-luxury real estate. (So far, where LA's homes have industrial touches, the OC has so much wood!)

Though there's plenty of inter-office drama, no one's place at Oppenheim is called into question by the end of the season. It's likely all of the cast would return for season 2, including Alex Hall, Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, Austin Victoria, Brandi Marshall, Gio Helou, Kayla Cardona, Lauren Shortt, Polly Brindle, Sean Palmieri, Tyler Stanaland, and Brett and Jason Oppenheim.

While it's too early to see whether the new spinoff will have any multi-season arcs, like Sunset's inter-cast relationships, or a straight-up antagonist à la Christine, there is a bunch of drama among the office relationships. A big part of Season 1 is an argument that split the office into two, when Kayla Cardona was iced out by a contingent led by Alex Hall and Polly Brindle, in response to Kayla making inappropriate advances at her married co-worker Tyler Stanaland.

At the end of the season, the other two Alexandras of the office, Rose and Jarvis, came to Kayla's defense about the whole thing, pointing out that Alex and Polly are super flirty towards Tyler (Many viewers are still trying to scrub the term "nosey" from their brains.) In a Tudum (opens in new tab) interview, the cast confirmed that the dynamics are still split in two after the season's release, with Rose saying she's "not cordial" with anyone except Gio Helou, Kayla, and Austin Victoria. Time will tell whether these are still the set alliances during a possible second season.

However, since it might have been a while since anyone has binged the show, it might be best to refresh the memory. Especially when it comes to the first season as there were some weird but memorable storylines.

Does anyone else remember the Trask fiasco? This was a storyline that began in season 1, where Ryan and Marissa unknowingly found themselves involved in a love triangle when Oliver Trask. Oliver was a student who Marissa met whilst she was attending therapy.

During its 2003-07 run on Fox, The O.C. gained a large following of dedicated fans, turning the modern-day soap opera into a pop culture phenomenon. The show carried on for four seasons, with a cast that included Peter Gallagher, Ben McKenzie, Kelly Rowan, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody.

Ben McKenzie starts his journey on The O.C. as Ryan Atwood, a troubled 16-year-old with a criminal record and a broken home. After being kicked out of the house by his alcoholic mother, Ryan is taken in by the Cohens, a wealthy family from Newport Beach, where he struggles to adjust to his new posh surroundings. Since his time as a teen outcast on The O.C., McKenzie has continued his work in television. He appeared as Officer Ben Sherman in Southland, in addition to wrapping a five-season run as Detective James Gordon in Gotham, a crime drama following Gotham City prior to the rise of Batman, in 2019. In 2022, McKenzie appeared in Amazon ensemble romance I Want You Back.

The modern television landscape involves both streaming and browsing video, and season orders for Netflix and Amazon are way, way shorter than network television seasons. Where a Netflix show has to maintain pace for only ten episodes, The O.C. had 27 episodes. The fact that it was able to tell a watchable, engaging story in its first season over 27 episodes is pretty astonishing.

The latest Selling Sunset spinoff to hit Netflix is Selling the OC, but don't let the title fool you. Even though real estate agent is technically their day job, the show's cast gets into plenty of drama on or off camera. The show's first season was just released on Aug. 24, 2022, which means it's time for the inevitable question: when is the reunion episode!? Will there be a reunion episode? Here's what you need to know.

The premise of Selling the OC is simple: viewers join 11 new real estate agents, along with our favorite twins Jason and Brett Oppenheim, as they open a new real estate agency in Orange County, Calif. The show's first season had eight 30-minute episodes for your viewing pleasure, but so far, there's no word on a reunion episode.

However, that isn't to say there couldn't be a reunion, but so far, it looks unlikely. The Selling Sunset reunion episode was released two weeks after the season, so if there is a chance at a Selling the OC reunion, fans should keep an eye out around Sept. 7, 2022.

Netflix has yet to renew the show for a second season, but Jason Oppenheim told Today before the show premiered that he's anticipating a successful season. "I don't think I've ever been more excited to watch a season," he said.

We know for sure that Jason Oppenheim will be appearing in Selling The OC, with the Selling Sunset star appointing Mary Fitzgerald as the new manager of The Oppenheim Group's West Hollywood office in Selling Sunset season 5 so that he can focus on work in Orange County.

The O.C. ensnared audiences from 2003 to 2007 and was considered to be a pop-cultural phenomenon, drawing massive audiences especially during its first two seasons. The show followed Ryan Atwood, a troubled teen from Chino, CA who gets adopted by a wealthy family living in Orange County, CA, or The O.C. Woodley was only 11 years old when she played the role of Kaitlin Cooper.

Variety has confirmed that Selling the OC has been renewed by Netflix for a second and third season. What's more, production is already set to begin THIS winter, so we might not have much longer to wait before Selling the OC season two hits our screens!

The O.C. is a comedy and romance television series created by Josh Schwartz. It is about a troubled youth, Ryan Atwood. In season 1, he gets thrown out of his own house by his alcoholic and neglectful mother and her abusive,…

Due to low ratings, it was rumored that "The O.C." would not return for a fifth season. In June 2006, Fox confirmed that "the current order for The O.C. is 16 episodes", but added that there was a chance to add more installments.

The most-watched O.C. episode was "The Rivals" (the seventeenth episode of season one). It attracted 12.72 million viewers, and was the lead-out to "American Idol" (which attracted 29.43 million viewers that week).

For the show's second season, the show moved to an "ultra-competitive Thursday" timeslot against the likes of "Survivor", "Joey" and "Will & Grace"; this is often cited as a cause of the show's decline in popularity.

However, the season did receive some praise. The new character Taylor Townsend was stated as being "played to perfection by Autumn Reeser" and her character was described as "one of the greatest elements of The O.C."

Schwartz went on to say that Season 3 was probably "the most important season, because it's where I learned the most. About television, about myself as a writer, about discipline and trying to hold onto your focus even if you're hearing a lot of opinions or being forced to add things creatively that you don't agree with. And I don't think Season 4 would have been as fun or as adventurous or as weird and zany and ultimately emotional if it weren't for that experience."

The final season of the "O.C." is generally regarded by fans and critics as a return to form for the series. Variety's Josef Adalian said that "[the show] is once again in great creative shape." praised the season premiere, saying "this episode is the best OC episode since the show's first season. The absence of Mischa Barton character of Marissa Cooper is the best thing that's happened to The OC in a long time. The cast is now exceptional from top to bottom and the show is, at least in the first episode, much darker in tone than the first three seasons. This is a good sign."

Later in the season, lamented that "The OC is winding down, in all likelihood, and it's a shame. The show is hitting its creative stride just now, in its fourth season, and no one cares."

Critic Alan Sepinwall said of the premiere, "Damn. That was... not bad. No, better than that. That was good. Confident, in character, funny on occasion (any scene with Che), genuinely touching at others (the comic book store intervention), really the most like itself the show has felt in a long time, maybe even going back to season one."

Entertainment Weekly's Ken Tucker commented that the fourth season was "a succession of terrific subplots" and praised new main cast member Taylor "as a fine, funny love interest for Ryan."

However, he added that while the fourth season had to prove itself again as an enjoyable watch "Josh Schwartz rose to this challenge (...) once again creating a show that was witty and self-aware."

The third season was nominated for five Teen Choice Awards and won four of them, including "Choice Drama/Action Adventure Show" and "Choice Actor: Drama/Action Adventure," which Adam Brody won for the third consecutive year. 041b061a72


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