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Imperia Online Script 95

Imperia online script 95: A Guide for Beginners

Imperia Online is a popular browser-based strategy game that lets you build your own empire and compete with other players. The game has many features and options that can make it challenging and fun to play. However, some players may want to enhance their gaming experience by using scripts, which are small programs that can automate certain tasks or add new functionalities to the game.

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One of the most widely used scripts for Imperia Online is the Imperia online script 95, which is a collection of different scripts that can help you with various aspects of the game. In this article, we will explain what this script does, how to install it, and how to use it effectively.

What does Imperia online script 95 do?

The Imperia online script 95 is a comprehensive script that includes several modules that can assist you with different aspects of the game, such as:

  • Attack checker: This module alerts you when you are being attacked by another player or when your alliance is being attacked. It also shows you the details of the incoming attack, such as the number of troops, the type of units, and the estimated time of arrival. You can customize the sound and the notification settings for this module.

  • Army mover: This module allows you to move your army between your provinces quickly and easily. You can select the source and the destination province, the number and the type of units, and the speed of movement. You can also save your army configurations for future use.

  • Auto-hire: This module automatically hires workers for your mines if there are available slots. You can set the minimum and maximum number of workers for each mine and the interval between each hiring.

  • Fortune wheel alarm: This module alerts you when the fortune wheel is available to spin. You can also set it to automatically spin the wheel for you and claim the reward.

  • Reduce 10 minutes: This module reduces the construction time of your buildings by 10 minutes if you have enough diamonds. You can set it to work only on certain buildings or on all buildings.

  • Tribune chat: This module adds a nice little chat to help you better communicate with your alliance members. You can send and receive messages, emojis, and images. You can also customize the appearance and the behavior of the chat.

  • Espionage extensions: This module enhances your espionage capabilities by showing you more information about your enemies, such as their army composition, their resources, their buildings, and their research. You can also filter and sort your espionage reports by different criteria.

  • Simulator: This module allows you to simulate battles before you launch them. You can enter the details of your army and your enemy's army and see the expected outcome of the fight. You can also compare different scenarios and strategies.

The Imperia online script 95 also has some other features, such as showing you the current time in different time zones, showing you the current weather in your location, showing you the current exchange rates of different currencies, and showing you some useful links and tips for the game.

How to install Imperia online script 95?

To install Imperia online script 95, you need to have a browser extension that allows you to run user scripts. The most popular ones are Tampermonkey for Chrome and Greasemonkey for Firefox. Once you have installed one of these extensions, you can go to [this link] and click on "Install this script". Alternatively, you can go to [this website] and search for "Imperia online script 95" and then click on "Install this script".

After installing the script, you need to refresh your Imperia Online page or open a new tab and log in to your account. You should see a new icon on the top right corner of your screen that looks like a gear. This is where you can access the settings and options of the script. You can also click on "Help" to see a detailed guide on how to use each module of the script.

How to use Imperia online script 95 effectively?

The Imperia online script 95 can help you improve your gameplay and make your life easier in Imperia Online. However, you should also be aware of some potential risks and limitations of using the script. Here are some tips on how to use the script effectively and safely:

  • Do not rely on the script too much: The script is meant to assist you, not to play the game for you. You should still use your own judgment and strategy when playing the game. The script may not always work as expected or may have some bugs or errors. You should also respect the rules and the fair play of the game and not use the script to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

  • Do not share your personal information with the script: The script may ask you for some personal information, such as your email, your password, your location, or your credit card details. You should never provide such information to the script or to any third-party website that the script may redirect you to. The script does not need such information to function and may use it for malicious purposes.

  • Do not install other scripts that may conflict with the script: The script may not work well with other scripts that modify or interfere with the Imperia Online website or game. You should disable or uninstall any other scripts that may cause problems with the script. You can check the compatibility of the script with other scripts on [this website].

  • Do not update the script from untrusted sources: The script may notify you when there is a new version available to download. You should only update the script from [this link] or from [this website]. Do not update the script from any other source that may offer you a fake or malicious version of the script.

  • Do not hesitate to contact the developer of the script: The developer of the script is Nedyalko, who is also a player of Imperia Online. You can contact him through [this website] or through his email You can ask him any questions, report any issues, suggest any improvements, or thank him for his work.

We hope this article has helped you understand what Imperia online script 95 is, how to install it, and how to use it effectively. We wish you good luck and have fun in Imperia Online!


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