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Cradle Of Rome 2

Welcome back to the city on the seven hills! Rome was one of the most powerful and beautiful capitals of all time. Write your own history of the Roman Empire in the engaging Match 3 game, Cradle of Rome 2. Journey through incredible matching fun and the exhilarating process of building the city. Experience the new world of Rome from the cradle to the glory! Solve challenging minigames and draw blueprints to turn your small settlement into the flourishing empire.

Cradle of Rome 2


There are two ways of seeing the new report by Imperial College London commissioned by Veolia: 'The circular revolution'. Particularly on the use of wood as a sustainable alternative to conventional materials in construction, the assessment from cradle to cradle of the material's life cycle draws two key conclusions:

Hence, there is more work to do regarding the sustainable and efficient use of wood for construction applications. As designers, specifiers, researchers, builders, contractors and users, we need to be aware of the environmental costs associated with the materials we use, design and built with. We need to track the full life cycle of the materials we use in our projects, in the case of wood from felling to disposal (cradle to cradle). It is not only about procuring forest certifications and advertising how much carbon has been stored by x or y product, but making a good use of the material throughout its service life and after it, and securing that the carbon stored in the product remains fixed for longer than what it took for the tree to capture it. 041b061a72


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