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Dexter Filming Locations

Serial killer drama Dexter ends after years filming California as MiamiSerial killer drama Dexter is coming to an end after years spent filming Long Beach in California as South Florida. The show told the story of Dexter Morgan, a Miami-based police forensics expert who spent his free time secretly tracking and despatching serial killers.

dexter filming locations

Florida scored a high-profile box-office hit in 2011 with the family drama Dolphin Tale and is soon hosting the sequel in Clearwater on the west coast. The state filming incentive programme will need more support from Tallahassee if it is to have a chance of competing with its neighbour Georgia.

Production began in February 2021, with most of the show filmed in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, serving as a stand-in for Iron Lake.[5] Exterior filming had to be coordinated around the weather, as the creators wanted to have a significant amount of snow in those shots, including a local frozen lake. Interior filming at New England Studios started around July 2021 over a fifty-day period.[5][28] The series developer Clyde Phillips said there were 119 days of filming.[29]

This series starring Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter and Geoff Pierson was filmed at more than 5 locations. Among them Bridge Street in Shelburne Falls, United States. All filming locations of Dexter from 2006 are listed below.

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Rather than upstate New York, Dexter: New Blood filmed in various locations across Massachusetts. According to, the production team primarily shot in central and western Massachusetts, including Shelburne Falls.

After its successful airing between 2006 and 2013, serial killer, Dexter Morgan, has returned to television screens in the new chapter, New Blood, and we explore where the reboot was filmed and highlight the specific locations that brought it to life.

The fictional town of Iron Lake in New York State is the primary setting of the show. However, filming actually takes place in the state of Massachusetts. Various cities in Central and Western Massachusetts serve as the filming location, and we have detailed them below!

Gardner, a town in Worcester County known for its natural vegetation and forest cover, is one of the many filming locations of the show. Several scenes were shot at Camp Collier, a recreation ground in Gardner. Other cities in the county where episodes have been filmed include Boylston, Lancaster, Ashburnham, Sterling, West Boylston, and Grafton.

Showtime rented out the entire Bull Run property for filming of the revival of the eight-season award-winning series that tells the tale of serial killer Dexter Morgan, a fictional antihero protagonist. The 10-episode limited series is set in the fictional upstate New York town of Iron Lake, but primary production took place in Massachusetts.

There is some scene setting in Alabama, but most of the film was made in Georgia. In fact, it was intended for all the filming to take place in Georgia but the Atlanta Film Office tenaciously pushed for at least some of the famously real locations to be used.

The marchers assemble on the Edmund Pettus Bridge crossing the Alabama River in Selma. This important landmark, where the march was violently broken up by state troopers in what became known as Bloody Sunday, is one of two real locations not reproduced in Georgia.

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Down the street from Ferris Bueller is another iconic Colonial-style home at 4153 Cedar Drive. It was home to the protagonist Jim in American Pie. Surprisingly, almost all of American Pie was filmed in Southern California, despite professing to be based in Michigan. Other locations included Millikan High School, Long Beach Polytechnic High School, and other Long Beach Unified School District properties. The sequel to the film, American Pie 2, was also filmed all over Long Beach and Southern California.

While these are two of the most memorable properties, Los Cerritos and Virginia Country Club neighborhoods also include filming locations for indie-favorite Donnie Darko, the Silence of the Lambs prequel Red Dragon, and Not A Teen Movie. With its surprisingly East Coast style home in abundance, this is a one-of-a-kind area for Long Beach. This continues to attract buyers and filmmakers alike with the illusion of an entirely different part of the United States.

Additionally, Dexter and his wife Rita shared a home that was located in the Bluff Park neighborhood of Long Beach. Other filming locations can be found in Shoreline Park, Naples Island, and various other spots around town. Curbed LA has an awesome map to use to pinpoint scene locations.

Are you convinced yet that Long Beach is your next stop before stardom? If so, The Shannon Jones Team would love to help you make a move. As Long Beach local experts, we pride ourselves in not only knowing about Long Beach filming locations, but its neighborhoods, people, restaurants, and everything in between.

A. While they were filming in Shelburne Falls, there were quite a few stories appearing in the local Massachusetts media about the production, complete with lots of photos of the crew decorating the town to look like Christmas, and various shots of them prepping locations for the shoot, And naturally, some included images of "Fred's".

Select Board member Paul DeRensis noted that some communities have a bylaw or policy on filming, and a location fee can be charged. He suggested this due to the scale of the filming, which can involve mobile trailers and a camera crew.


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