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Buy Meteorite Jewelry

Our Meteorite Pendants are made from the Muonionalusta iron meteorite found in Sweden in 1906. It is a Fine Octahedrite type meteorite that when polished and etched displays a beautiful crystalline pattern. These Muonionalusta meteorite pendants are Rhodium plated. Plating the pieces in Rhodium both protects the meteorite iron from rust and makes the pendant hypoallergenic. Rhodium is also a whiter precious metal than either silver or platinum making it ideal to show off these cosmic treasures.

buy meteorite jewelry

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An assortment of meteorite, dinosaur, and natural gemstone jewelry. Meteorite jewelry is hand-crafted by only the most talented and skilled designers and silversmiths, and each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Ask us about customization, layaway, and gift options!

Meteorite is a fascinating material that has become more and more popular in the jewelry industry over the years. Meteorite is a staple to the Patrick Adair Designs brand and we incorporate it in a variety of ways. This extraterrestrial metal is extremely unique and literally out of this world. Learning about the different types of meteorite used in jewelry pieces will be very useful when shopping for meteorite jewelry. Keep on reading for a rundown of the various types of meteorite that jewelers use and learn how to tell authentic meteorite from fake meteorite. After all, who doesn't want to own something from outer space that is billions of years old?

Meteorite is a piece of debris from a meteoroid that originates in outer space. When a meteoroid enters the atmosphere, various factors and chemical interactions turn the object into a meteor and once it settles on the surface, it becomes a meteorite. Meteorite pieces will vary in shape and size and are distinguished into three categories: stony meteorite, iron meteorite, and stony-iron meteorite. Stony meteorites are rocks mainly composed of silicate materials. Iron meteorites are mainly composed of iron, nickel, and cobalt. Stony-iron meteorites is a combination of both. Meteorite gets its extremely unique pattern (known as its Widmanstatten pattern) by being acid-etched. This pattern is authentic and one-of-a-kind for each meteorite piece and cannot be fabricated (very well, at least).

Meteorite jewelry is typically made from iron meteorite. While there are a variety of iron meteorites, some are more common than others. Below are a few of the most popular meteorites used in jewelry.

Gibeon meteorite is one of the most common meteorites used in jewelry. It gets its name from the town it was found in Gibeon, Namibia. It was first discovered in 1838 but dates back to prehistoric times. Gibeon meteorite is composed of an iron-nickel alloy with a significant amount of cobalt and phosphorus. Its beautiful etch pattern makes it a popular choice among jewelers.

Muonionalusta meteorite gets its name from the Muonio River, located on the border of Sweden and Finland. The first piece was found in 1906 while studies have shown it to be the oldest discovered meteorite dating back to 4.5 billion years ago. It is composed of iron, nickel, and a small amount of the rare elements gallium and germanium. Muonionalusta is an extremely stable meteorite with a similar etch pattern to Gibeon.

Unlike Gibeon and Muonionalusta, Seymchan meteorite is a pallasite meteorite (stony-iron composite) that was first found in 1967 in Seymchan, Russia. It contains a high amount of iridium and is fairly rust-resistant, making it a popular choice for jewelry.

Patrick Adair Designs strictly uses Muonionalusta meteorite due to its incredible stability and beautiful acid-etch pattern. Our standard Meteorite Ring is one of our best selling wedding bands and is customizable with exotic materials such as carbon fiber and gold. In addition to our meteorite ring, we also offer an authentic Meteorite Pendant with a sleek sterling silver chain.

We are constantly trying to push the envelope by incorporating meteorite into new designs. Our latest design that includes meteorite is our Carbon Fiber, Rose Gold, and Meteorite Ring. This ring is housed in a durable carbon fiber base and features a meteorite inlay with 14K rose gold accents, but don't worry if you don't see your perfect meteorite ring. Patrick Adair Designs prides ourselves in being a leader in the custom jewelry space meaning if you can imagine it we can make it for you!

When shopping for a meteorite wedding band, you have to be wary about jewelers trying to pawn off fake meteorite as authentic meteorite. Luckily, most jewelers who sell imitation meteorite will explicitly state whether or not their meteorite is fake. Below are four surefire ways to know if your meteorite piece is real.

Meteorite will rust for the same reasons why it is magnetic. Its heavy iron composition means it has the potential to rust. Although there are many types of meteorites that are stable and rust-resistant, all real meteorite can develop rust at some point in time. Any meteorite jewelry that is advertised to not rust is fake. Rust can be easily taken care of and prevented. Learn more about how we treat and care for our Meteorite Rings here.

Meteorite is not the most abundant material available and is worth more than your common metal. In addition to this, meteorite is a very difficult material to work with. It must be machined slowly with expensive tools and great care. Meteorite rings will vary in price depending on style and composition so be wary of cheap meteorite jewelry potentially being fake. The only time real meteorite jewelry is cheaper is when the actual weight of meteorite is small like in the Patrick Adair Designs meteorite necklaces and pendants. To make these affordable we have to cut the slice of meteorite in the pendant extremely thin.

In some cases, a certificate of authenticity can be provided to prove the authenticity of meteorite but there is a much easier and cheaper way to figure out the authenticity of meteorite. This was touched on earlier, but real meteorite contains Widmanstatten patterns that are impossible to replicate without looking extremely fake. Now we won't show you what a fake one looks like, but it's going to be pretty easy to tell if you compare them with our meteorite pieces.

Now that you've read up on the different types of meteorite and know how to authenticate it, why should you buy meteorite jewelry? People commonly associate meteorite with balance and strength and many believe it has healing properties. Even if you're not a fan of astrology, you can still appreciate the uniqueness of meteorite. If you want to stray from the norm, meteorite makes for a perfect wedding band or engagement ring and surely will be a conversation starter anywhere you go. Browse our Meteorite Collection here.

MADE IN COSMOS produces unique jewelry of meteorite since 2017. We mostly use meteorite Muonionalusta (found in 1906 in Sweden), Sikhote-Alin meteorite (fell in Russia, 12.02.1947) and the Campo del Cielo meteorite (was found by the Spanish conquistadors in 1576, in Argentina).

Each day about 5-6 tons of meteorites falls to the Earth (about 2 thousand tons per year). Most of the meteorites burn out before they reach the ground: entering the atmosphere, the speed of a meteorite can reach from 11 to 72 km / s.

Due to friction against the air, it ignites and resembles a bright fireball. It happens that the internal structure of a meteorite is heterogeneous and unstable: then it explodes in the air, and its debris falls to the ground.

Stone meteorites are the largest group (92.8% of all meteorites reaching the Earth). The main minerals in their composition are various silicates, consisting of compounds of silicon, oxygen, aluminum, magnesium and calcium.

At the beginning of the 19th century scientists noticed that when etched with acid, interesting figures appeared on the polished surface of an iron meteorite, consisting of longitudinal and transverse stripes. In honor of the Austrian scientist Aloise von Widmanstetten in 1808, these figures were called Widmanstetten.

Since the dawn of history, people have looked to the stars with a sense of wonder and amazement. Here you will find the ultimate space gifts for the stargazer in your life, from authentic mission-flown NASA collectibles and rare meteorites to beautiful, handcrafted meteorite jewelry.

This specialized gift guide offers a wide selection of space-themed collectible displays and meteorite jewelry that are sure to impress any space enthusiast. Whether you're looking for a gift for a friend, family member or yourself, we have something for every person and every budget. Don't miss out on the opportunity to send them out of this world with the perfect space gift!

This beautiful bracelet of semi-precious beads represents the different bodies of our solar system. The central resin bead contains crushed meteorite dust from the asteroid belt, making it fashionable AND scientific! Any astronomer will love to show it off.

This is one of our favorites: Real lunar dust. This comes from the lunar meteorite NWA 5000, which was ejected from the Moon's surface during a powerful impact and crashed to Earth. It's an incredible story behind an incredible gift.

If you're looking for something even more special, this necklace contains the same lunar dust as above, cast into a LiDAR scan of the Moon's surface. This is a gorgeous jewelry piece that will take anyone's breath away. It also doubles as a great gift for werewolves ?

The Campo del Cielo meteorite is an iron meteorite which fell to Earth thousands of years ago. Being able to share such an ancient meteorite is awe-inspiring and the perfect way to inspire those who look to the stars!

Space gifts are a perfect way to celebrate this fascination and bring a piece of the cosmos into our daily lives. From mission-flown NASA collectibles to meteorite jewelry, these gifts not only offer a tangible connection to the mysteries of the universe but also serve as a reminder of the human spirit of exploration and discovery. Embrace the beauty of space and discover the perfect space gift in our full collection here! 041b061a72


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